1. Learn English TOP

    Debarati Roy

    If you hesitate to interact in English, if you are afraid of participating in conversations, our Learn English course can be your first step to overcoming these hurdles.
    Get introduced to a variety of elements of the English language; explore a wide array of real-life scenarios and refine your skills. Get ready to create your best first impression with our language course, that will only leave you wanting for more!


    To improve your communication skills and confidence through:

    • Role Plays
    • Group Discussions
    • Topic-Specific Vocabulary
    • Using useful expressions for different Scenarios
    • Organising your Thoughts
    • Writing Skills
    • Pronunciation
    • Listening Skills

    Duration: 2 months / 48 hours (Rs. 4000)

  2. Employability Skills

    Resume writing,Interview Skills & Group DiscussionTOP

    Debarati Roy

    Creating the best first impression Writing a professional resume Initiating and maneuvering a discussion Demonstrating your skill sets effectively

    Resume writing

    • What it isnít?
    • Purpose of a resume.
    • Does your resume stand out?
    • What a resume should focus on?
    • Resume formats.
    • Rules of writing a great resume.
    • Beyond resume.

    Interview Techniques & Group Discussions

    • Types of interview.
    • Preparing for interview.
    • Interview etiquette.
    • Interview doís and doníts?
    • Interview essentials.
    • Interview non-verbals
    • Modalities for Group Discussion
    • Body Language
    • Mock Sessions

    Duration: 1 month / 16 hours (Rs. 5000)

  3. Effective Business Communication & Presentation Skills

    After the InterviewTOP

    Debarati Roy

    Business Communication

    • Be Professional
    • Persuasive
    • Articulative
    • Covers the following modules
    • Email Etiquettes
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Persuasion Skills
    • Oratory Skills
    • Role-Plays
    • Effective Communication
    • Functional Language
    • Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
    • Punctuation Rules
    • Report Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Content Writing

    Presentation Skills

    • Increases Self Confidence
    • Helps Communicate Effectively
    • Improves Leadership Qualities
    • Impacts Career Prospects
    • Boosts performance in different walks of life
    • Be more valuable at academic or professional arena
    • Express More Effectively
    • Promote More Efficiently
    • Improve Creativity
    • Helps have a better career
    • Covers the following modules
    • Body Language and Eye Contact
    • Topic Selection
    • Audience Importance
    • Impactful Introductions and Conclusions
    • Structuring the Speech
    • Functional language
    • Enunciation
    • Elevator Pitch
    • PowerPoint Rules
    • Right use of props and visuals

    Duration: 1 month / 20 hours (Rs. 7000)

  4. Personality Development & Self Grooming TOP

    Introduction to the course

    Arpitaa Chowdhar

    This course will help you to rediscover your confident self. It will help you to present in front of an audience more effectively by over coming stage fright, low self esteem, and also by grooming yourself. It will help you to create a dynamic personality and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


    1. Public Speaking

    • Introduce yourself.
    • Say things in simple yet effective manner.
    • Building audience contact.
    • How to speak with your whole self by using gestures, body language, facial expressions.
    • Voice modulation: pitch, volume, pace, tone.
    • Construct content for public speaking.
    • Advance skills: use of pause, how to create a dramatic beginning, how to win over audience.

    2. Confidence Building

    • How to conduct and communicate in front of audience confidently and effectively.
    • How to boost self esteem.
    • How to handle people who can kill your confidence in front of an audience.
    • Real time confidence hack to deal with awkward social situation.

    3. Stage fear

    • Sharing real time experience of stage fright.
    • Exercises to reduce stage fear.
    • Learning self expression to over come stage fright.

    4. Grooming Sessions

    • How to dress for occasions.
    • Social etiquette.
    • A normal makeup routine.
    • Group discussion on professional behaviour.

    5. Team building

    • Group activities.
    • Appreciating team members.
    • Learning the importance of working in a team.
    • How to work as a team member.
    • How to lead a team.

    Duration: 1 month/ 16 hours (Rs. 7000)

  5. Emotional Intelligence& Leadership Skills TOP

    sharad kiyal

    Leadership and Emotional Intelligence are two skills which build the foundation for your success, no matter what field your chose to excel in. In this program you will learn through involvement about:

    1. Discovering your capacities as a leader
    2. 7 Main characteristics of a Great Leader
    3. How to use your power of emotions?
    4. Power of clarity and integrity for exponential growth
    5. Art of self – management and team management
    6. Power of deliberation for your career success


    Benefits of the program:

    1. Remain calm, no matter what.
    2. Integrating your leadership thinking with your team’s consistent action
    3. Develop Abundance mentality of leader
    4. Become more receptive about your capacities to face situations & win them.
    5. Break the conditioning of negativity through your leadership style
    6. Power of Letting go for higher EQ
    7. Develop a sense of maturity among your team

    Duration: 6 days / 15 hours (RS. 7000)

  6. Cyber Security - essential Security TOP

    Vishal Dave

    Cyber Security: Essentials

    • Introduction to Security
    • Securing Operating Systems
    • Malware and Antivirus
    • Internet Security
    • Security on Social Networking Sites
    • Securing Email Communications
    • Securing Mobile Devices
    • Securing the Cloud
    • Securing Network Connections
    • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Duration: 1 month / 12 hours (Rs. 6000)

  7. Ethical Hacking TOP

    Vishal Dave
    • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    • Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
    • Hacking Concepts, Types, and Phases
    • Ethical Hacking Concepts and Scope
    • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
    • Footprinting Tools
    • Enumeration
    • Malware Threats
    • Anti-Malware Software
    • Scanning Pen Testing
    • System Hacking

    Duration: 1 months / 12 hours (Rs. 6000)

  8. Graphology TOP

    Megha Rathi

    As a child, we were taught how to write, but it's not likely that we still write in the way we were taught. The fact that we don't, helps to explain the reason graphology exists and why graphology can be used to interpret personality.Our conscious mind determines WHAT we write and our subconscious mind controls HOW we write.


    • Handwriting Stimulates your brain
    • Better organization
    • Enhanced personality traits
    • Changing undesirable unhealthy habits
    • Diagnosis of physical illness
    • Academic improvement
    • Better interpersonal adjustment
    • Improved self confidence

    "You Are What You Write!"

    More than 5000 personality traits can be shown through handwriting. Know your :-
    • Intelligence
    • Emotional Health
    • Mood
    • Motivation
    • Self Esteem


    Size, shape, space, slant, margins, baseline, letters, connection, strokes, loops, zones, signature & many more.

    Duration: Basic 2 days / 8 hours (Rs. 2500)

    Signature in details, capital letters, medical graphology, special strokes, graphotherapy & marital compatibility.

    Duration: Advance 2 days / 8 hours (Rs. 2500)

    Eligibity: 16yrs & above

    Minimum Qualification: Class 10

  9. Money Workshop TOP

    Neerja Poddar

    Does Money bring you Joy?

    Money is a bi-product of creation and creation is a bi product of joy! The more we are willing to receive every energy available on the planet with no point of view, the more joy we can have and the more joy we can have, the more unstoppable we become with our creation to change and touch every life around us.

    Hence Money is the sum total of our energy....so how much energy are you using to refuse to have more money?

    What if generating money and having money was fun and joyful?

    What if, in having fun and joy with money, you receive more of it?

    What would that be like?

    Most programs about money deal with saving or investing; they do not address how to make money a reality in your life. This workshop will be using the tools from various modalities like Access Consciousness, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellation etc to clear stuck energy blocks to change and process limitations and increase your money flows more rapidly.

    Duration: 4 hours (Rs. 4000)

    Duration: 1 Full Day (Rs. 8000)

  10. Self Defence Techniques TOP

    • Safety Strategies For Day To Day Life
    • Threat Analysis - Detection - Deescalation
    • Self Preservation - Protection (Psychological / Physical)
    • Weapons Of Opportunity
    • Edge and Impact Weapons Survival Strategies
    • Usage Of Electronic Equipments / Communications
    • Empty Handed Combative Skills (Stand-up / Ground )
    • Singular / Multiple Threat Defence
    • Escape Routing Strategies
    • Collection Of Evidences

    Duration: 6 Days/ 12 hours (Rs. 4000)

    Duration: 24 Days/ 48 hours (Rs. 8000)

    Classes for Self Defence Techniques will be held at Move With Groove, Flat No. 197, 5th Floor, Karnani Estate, 209, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata - 17